Stichting Ukengee
(the Ukengee Foundation)
Van der Hoevenplein 228
3072 MH Rotterdam (Netherlands)
contact: Marijke Blom
Tel. +31 (0)10 4233829
cellphone +31 (0) 651526386
Rabobank Hilversum bankaccountnumber 1146.90.669
IBAN: NL 46RABO 0114 6906 69
KvK Rotterdam: 24404569
VAT nr: 817365680
ANBI status since January 1 2009

Ukengee Foundation, Dar es Salaam
Kijchi Street, near Lake Oil Shell
P.O. Box 41577
Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
contact: Christopher Nicolous Nyunza
Tel. +255 754064124
Certificate of Registration Number S.A. 17624

Ukengee Foundation, Lindi
Ghana Street
P.O. Box 605
Lindi (Tanzania)
Tel. +255 754064124

Council of Ukengee Foundation
Ronald Blom (chairman)
Hans Wilbrink (secretary)
Ger Schutte (treasurer)
Willem Adriaanse
Marijke Blom

Council Tanzania
Solar and Computers for Schools Foundation (SCSS)
Mr. Ali M. Mng'umba (chairman)
Mrs. Angelina R. Murangira (secretary)
Sheik Mohammed Said Mushangani


Leontien van Moorsel (4x Golden Olympic medallist cycling)
drs Ed Nijpels (former Minister, former Mayor of Breda and former Queens Commissioner of the provence Friesland)



INVENEO is a non-profit social enterprise. The mission statement of this foundation is to deliver ICT tools to the ones that need it most; people in isolated and rural areas in development regions in the world like East-Africa. In order to do so, Inveneo creates and sells highly affordable and sustainable ICT solutions that are specifically designed for organizations; governments, NGO’s and private enterprises. These organisations serve rural communities with vital services that include education, healthcare, economic development and telecomcenters. Inveneo has created a line of affordable products,hardware and open source software. These services can be combined into turnkey solutions for computing centres, connecting filed offices and much more. The hardware products, for example PC’s, feature an ultra-low power draw, few moving parts and are operable on an 12Volt battery system with alternate energy sources, like solar, wind or generator. Through the partnership between UKENGEE and INVENEO, we're able to use Inveneo equipment. We are proud to announce that we are the first one in the southern part of Tanzania who can dispose of this state-of-the art and low energy use equipment. 

Mark Summer, Co-Founder of Inveneo: "The Ukengee Foundation's work at the rural Kilwa Msaoko Secondary School in Tanzania is an ideal example of how an innovative NGO can get the most sustainable computer center to achive their education goals. Working with Kicheko Ltd., an Inveneo Certified ICT Partner based in Tanzania, Ukengee was able to deploy a solar-powered computer lab that was affordable to install, is very robust and affordable to operate, and will be supported locally to ensure that it continues to be affordable."
Kirstin Peterson, CEO and Co-Founder of Inveneo: "The Ukengee Foundation found the smartest way to get the most computing power for the money - working with a local ICT entrepreneur who understands the people and environment."

Complet technical specifications here
Info about Inveneo

© Inveneo

The non profit organisation 'Close the Gap', situated in Brussels, has agreed to work closely with the Ukengee Foundation on improving computer education in the rural areas in East Africa. Close the Gap has a wide range of expertise on education in countries like Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

logo fonds

The two organisations agreed to exchange of informations on all the projects in which they are involved. A Close the Gap-representative recently visited the supplier of Inveneo computers in Moshi, Tanzania. These special made computers for rural areas are used in the Ukengee-projects.


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