Financial accountability

Indication of costs:
Education for 1 student per year: € 5,- (max. 4 years)
One month internet: € 35,-
One accu: € 220,-
One Inveneo computer: € 420,-
Education for 1 teacher: € 1.200,-
A complet solar installation per school: € 9.500,-
A complet installation of a computer lab per school: € 20.000 - 30.000

How to support:

Your gift can help us realise and expand our projects. Your donation is very welcome and will be well spend! We are able to keep you posted on the achievements that we have made. Therefor you know that your donation is truly making a difference!

You can contribute (and help) in different ways:

Personal donation:
For € 5,- per year (max. 4 years) you can teach a student to work with a computer and to use internet.
But you can donate any amount you like. The donation can be transferred to: Stichting Ukengee (The Ukengee Foundation) Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Rabobank Hilversum bankaccountnumber
IBAN: NL 46 Rabo 0114690669
KvK Rotterdam: 24404569
VAT nr: 817365680

Business donation:
Your company can show its social commitment to employees, customers, clients and others by investing in state-of-the art promising projects in a rapidly developing region country with great possibilities for the future.
If you would like to donate, please contact us and we will help you setting up a donation plan.

Mariel Verdi, a graduate student of American University in Washington DC, started a fundraising site for the girls school project in Ilulu. See her site.

Contact details:
Email address:
Telephone number: 0031 (0)10 4233829



Financiele verantwoording
( jaarrekeningen goedgekeurd door accountantskantoor Baker Tilly Berk - 's Gravenhage)

Ontvangen giften: 21.164 euro
Uitgaven: 0
Saldo: 21.164 euro
Stand 1 januari 2006: 0
Stand 31 december 2006: 21.164 euro

Ontvangen giften: 5.090 euro
Uitgaven: 4.146 euro
Saldo: 944 euro
Percentage bestedingen doelstellingen: 81%
Stand 1 januari 2007: 21.164 euro
Stand 31 december 2007: 22.108 euro

Ontvangen giften: 31.460 euro
Uitgaven: 35.652 euro
Saldo: -4.192 euro
Percentage bestedingen doelstellingen: 91%
Stand 1 januari 2008: 22.108 euro
Stand 31 december 2008: 17.916 euro

Ontvangen giften: 62.550 euro
Uitgaven: 71.679 euro
Saldo: -9.129 euro
Percentage bestedingen doelstellingen: 110%
Stand 1 januari 2009: 17.916 euro
Stand 31 december 2009: 8.787 euro

Ontvangen giften: 137.315 euro
Uitgaven: 120.730 euro
Saldo: 16.585 euro
Percentage bestedingen doelstellingen: 76%
Stand 1 januari 2010: 8.787 euro
Stand 31 december 2010: 25.372 euro

Ontvangen giften: 254.294 euro
Uitgaven: 252.919 euro
Percentage bestedingen doelstelling: 92%
Stand 1 januari 2011: 25.372 euro
Stand 31 december 2011: 26.747 euro

Ontvangen giften: 217.881 euro
Uitgaven: 198.669 euro
Percentage bestedingen doelstelling: 80%
Stand 1 januari 2012: 26.747 euro
Stand 31 december 2012: 45.959 euro

Ontvangen giften: 110.970 euro
Uitgaven: 113.750 euro
Percentage bestedingen doelstelling: 98%
Stand 1 januari 2013: 45.959 euro
Stand 31 december 2013: 43.179 euro

Ukengee-projecten zijn gerealiseerd door bijdragen van o.a.:
ABN Amro, Alstom, AON, ASML Foundation, ASN Bank, BCG, Bindinc, Clifford Chance, Close the Gap, Deloitte, Delta, DLA Piper, Dongelmans/Van Nooy Foundation, Dr Hofstee Stichting, Electrabel, Eneco, E-On, Evides, Foundation Les Paquerettes, Gasterra, Gemeente Bloemendaal, Global Durability Fund, Hay Groep, Hollandia, ICAP, Iona Foundation, Katholiek Jongerenbelang, Kema, Kempen en Co, KIVI/Niria engineers, Kobalt, Marthe van Rijswijck Foundation, NCDO, NRM, Nuon, ONS, Pelgrimshoeve, Randstad, RGV, ROC Amsterdam, Spieringshoek College, Stichting Burger Weeshuis Delfshaven, Stichting Katholieke Wezenverzorging, Stichting Les Paquerettes, Stichting Mundo Crast Meliori, Stichting Pelgrimshoeve, Stichting Stralend Nederland, Tele 2, TMG, Turing Foundation, Westland Energie, Wilde Ganzen, Willeke Alberti Foundation